DEEP Tactics

The Theory That Is Designed Specially for B2b Sales and Marketing

B2C marketing aims to “create” while B2B marketing seeks to “capture.” But many wrongly use B2C strategies for B2B. Our DEEP tactics represents proven B2B Account Based Marketing best practices. Let’s connect to optimize your B2B marketing.

What’s DEEP

Our DEEP tactics, proven over 10+ years, deliver easy, high-ROI Account Based Marketing. Let’s connect to implement DEEP for optimized B2B results.

Companies using our DEEP tactics see 198% higher ROI on average compared to traditional marketing strategies.

Before spending any budget, clearly define your ideal customers and target accounts. Consider their location, industry, company size, buyer persona and priority segments to focus on now. Smart B2B marketing starts with understanding who to target.

Once target accounts are set, avoid overspending to gather basic lead information. Instead, leverage our comprehensive database for a fraction of the cost. Our extensive contacts enable highly targeted outreach to key accounts at scale. Let’s connect to build your ideal contact list.

With your products and target list set, bridge the gap from start to sale via email, text, calls, WhatsApp or targeted ads. Our automated system enables omnichannel outreach at scale. Let’s connect with your ideal buyers.

DEEP is an ongoing cycle, not a one-time effort. Continuously review target buyer personas, build better contact lists, identify new outreach channels, and optimize conversion rates. This refinement process is key to getting better over time. DEEP’s cyclical approach enables agile B2B marketing that evolves as you learn.

What People Say About DEEP

SellersGPT has been a game-changer for my business! Using their platform, I generated a staggering 200% more leads compared to other lead generation methods. Their comprehensive database and powerful search capabilities helped me identify and connect with the right prospects, resulting in significant business growth. I highly recommend SellersGPT to any business looking to supercharge their lead generation efforts.

– David KING
    Synforte CEO

SellersGPT has completely transformed my prospecting efforts! With their platform, I gained access to a whopping 500% more contacts than any of their competitors. The depth and breadth of their database are unmatched, giving me an edge in finding and connecting with key decision-makers. SellersGPT is an essential tool for any business serious about expanding their network.

– Jenny Wang
    JPC VP of Marketing

When it comes to data accuracy, SellersGPT outshines the competition by 30%! Their contact information is consistently up-to-date and reliable, ensuring that my outreach efforts are targeted and effective. With SellersGPT, I can trust that the information I have is accurate, saving me time and improving my sales effectiveness. I can’t recommend SellersGPT enough for businesses that value accurate and reliable contact data.

– Uzair Khan
     PAK, CMO

Want to See DEEP in Action? Let's Connect

DEEP is easy to understand but takes time and iteration to execute well. You can DIY or let’s meet to map DEEP to your needs. Our team can accelerate adoption and optimization.