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International Phone Numbers

International phone numbers for over 50 countries allow you to make calls, receive calls, text messages, and send voice mails no matter where you are in the world.

Whatsapp Business Marketing

Integrating your WhatsApp Business Account into our system streamlines engagement with prospects by enabling seamless communication through their preferred WhatsApp channel.

Outbound Cold Calling

Our dedicated telemarketing team based in South Asia specializes in cost-effective cold calling tailored to your target list and lead conversion criteria. We have helped over 1000 companies generate highly qualified sales leads.

Expat Sales

Are you a global business looking to get started with sales but don’t have the resources to handle marketing and sales end-to-end? Consider our Expat Sales program. We’ll arrange for a dedicated sales representative to run customized sales campaigns on your behalf.

By using SellersGPT’s database and services, we captured 6X more leads and saved over 50% on marketing costs. Their experts and tech enabled targeted, hassle-free marketing and sales. I highly recommend them for efficient B2B growth.

Director, STP

Frequently Asked Questions

SellersGPT offers 3 main data pools: International Trade Data, Global Companies and Contacts Data, and Industry Knowledge Graph. This includes importers, exporters, business contact info, and supply chain insights.

SellersGPT has over 700 million contacts in their global database, including email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles.

The database is continuously updated, with over 500,000 companies and 3.3 million contacts updated daily.

The database covers over 1,400 industries and categories to meet diverse business needs.

DEEP stands for Define, Extend, Engage, Polish. It is an account-based marketing approach designed specifically for B2B sales.

The Define step is about clearly identifying your ideal customers and target accounts before spending any marketing budget.

SellersGPT’s database helps businesses extend their reach by identifying and accessing new contacts for their target accounts.

SellersGPT can help engage prospects through omnichannel outreach like email, text, phone calls, social media ads, and more.

Polish involves continuously refining target accounts, contacts, and conversion tactics to optimize results over time.

SellersGPT can help with lead generation, list building, expanding contacts, localizing partnerships, lead nurturing, and more.

The platform’s importer/exporter and business databases enable targeted outreach to overseas prospects.

Yes, the database identifies local sales, after-sales, and influencer partners to support regional growth.

Yes, they provide bulk contact list lookup and enrichment services.

Yes, they provide specialized lead generation and nurturing services.

Yes, they offer customized packages to meet diverse business needs and budgets.

Value-added services include virtual phone numbers, WhatsApp business integration, and telemarketing.

Yes, they use advanced algorithms and extensive verification to ensure high accuracy.

You can request a free consultation or contact them via phone, email, or the website chat function.

Yes, they have local partners in certain regions like China to provide localized support.

Registering on the website provides access to the SellersGPT database, tools, and account management.

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